Introduction to Flight Operations Management System Course

Operations management, just as every functional area within an organization, can be defined from several perspectives: one with respect to its overall role and contribution within an organization; another focusing more on the day-to-day activities that fall within its area of responsibility.

What you will learn

❖ Review the regulatory requirements
❖ Describe the flight operations department organization
❖ List the flight operations department duties and responsibilities
❖ Outline the management systems requirements
❖ Summarize Human Factors applications in flight operations
❖ Management Systems in Flight Operations

Course format and Location

❖ This classroom course provides 5 days (40 hours) of instruction delivered by an Instructor

Who should attend

❖ Ab initio staff in an Airline Operations Center (AOC)
❖ New hires as flight operations officers
❖ Flight crew members
❖ Cabin Crew Members

  • Regulatory framework
  • Organization and management
  • Flight operations management composition
  • Management responsibilities
  • Flight operations environment
  • Flight operations department
  • Human factors in flight operations
  • Management Systems in Flight Operations

International Air Regulation
Safety Management System (SMS) Implementation and Control
Internal Quality Auditor
Safety (SMS) and Compliance Monitoring Management (CMM) Process in Civil Aviation
Human Factors & CRM
Airside Safety
ERP & Crisis Management
EU 139/2014
Family Assistance
Corsi di Ground Specifici